Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doing Valentine's Day Right!

Before getting married I thought Valentine's Day was a silly holiday.  It was fun in grade school, but when it started to prove something between two people I stopped seeing the point. I was one of those people who believed you should show your love every day, and that the actual holiday was created to increase commercialism.  In recent years Americans have been reported as spending $100's on this holiday... I mean, are you kidding?!

Then I got married.  Valentine's Day was no longer an obligation but a right.  Not a day to show your love, which I still think should happen daily, but a day to go above and beyond in the name of your relationship to the rest of the world. Unfortunately I didn't tell Ben I felt that was (because I didn't realize it, myself) until just a couple days before V-Day last year.  I'm not ashamed to admit that Ben and I had a sincere disagreement over how to celebrate on short notice. I'm sorry, but celebrating on Feb. 15 because everything is 75% off is not romantic to me! 

Learning from our mistakes, we planned ahead this year. Having our anatomical ultrasound and learning the gender of our baby was not originally planned for Valentine's Day-- that turned out to be a perk-- but I thought it was perfect. What better way to celebrate our love than reveling in the health of our child? 

But we didn't stop there. 

I felt sensitive to the fact that the baby has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially with the ultrasound, so I wanted V-Day night to be about how much I love Ben. 

I made shrimp (which I generally don't like) because Ben really likes it.  I used an amazing and easy recipe that we both loved! 

Fondue alfredo using the "Chocolate Heaven" fondue and candy making set I got as a teenager for the first time... (Isn't fondue romantic? There's just something about using your hands to dip in the same bowl as the one you love!)

I made a great desert for Ben with one layer of white cake, another of Devils's Food cake, with buttercream frosting and crushed Oreo in between and around the sides. I actually haven't had much of a sweet tooth so I haven't tried any, but Ben loved it!

And a special beverage: Blood Orange Italian Soda! I met Ben at the door with a glass, just like any good wife should! Hahaha.... 

I decorated with some special LOVE crafts I made with a few friends earlier: 

I saved the sealed envelope of our baby's gender from the hospital to open together
so we could still have a special, private moment in the process of learning the gender. 
(There are clay balls with "Love" and "Always" stamped on them inside)

I told Ben about a week in advance that I would be in charge of dinner, but I had a request for a gift.  I know that if I expect something I need to give Ben clear directions! I don't usually want chocolate, but it just sounded good for Valentine's Day.  I asked him to come home from work with a box of chocolates for me, and he ended up hiding packages of chocolate around the house! 

Here are 3 boxes (Ben wants me to try 3 different brands and then tell him which was my favorite for next year) and a chocolate orange.  How thorough! 

Plus this: 
Yes, my husband gave his pregnant wife 4 boxes of chocolate and exercise equipment.  But don't read anything but kindness into this gift- I've been wanting one for a long time, and I was so excited that Ben remembered and wants to help me get in shape for this baby!

I love you, honey! This was the best day :)


  1. Ha I love this! Glad you had such a wonderful day :)

  2. I never asked you if you used my recipe for the alfredo sauce?

    Ben's gifts are hilarious. Love that guy! You guys are awesome.


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