Wednesday, May 23, 2012

31 Weeks... Start the Countdown!

Of course I've had milestones I was eager to pass this pregnancy, and 30 weeks is the LAST ONE! Early in my pregnancy I was less enthusiastic than I felt I ought to be, so I spent a lot of time researching some of the things that make pregnancy and babies fun: Maternity clothes, nursery designs, and belly/ baby photos. One maternity photo tutorial said, "The best time to take maternity photos is 30 weeks- your belly is large and beautiful, but you aren't yet too uncomfortable for a photo session." I loved that advice, and had been looking forward to "The most beautiful" week of pregnancy ever since.

Is it ironic that this is the first couple of weeks that we have NO pregnancy photos of me? :O)

I was, still, really excited to hit 30 weeks. It feels like, at this stage, people don't look at you strangely as if thinking, "You're only whatever weeks? You look full-term!" Instead, you have an excuse to be big, pig out, and uncomfortable because you're in the home stretch! 

There is something so wonderful about only having single digits to count down to. Only 8 more weeks until we have our baby! 2 months sounds far away, yet every week seems to flash by. All of a sudden I'm 31 instead of 30 weeks, yet we still have 2 more months... ugh... Why don't those larger amounts of time go by as fast?!

To be honest, the fact that we will be bringing a baby home is starting to feel overwhelming. Next weekend will be my first baby shower, Ben and I will go on our last trip away, we will put the nursery together, have my second baby shower, and BAM- Dragon is no longer kicking my belly to remind he's here, he'll BE HERE. My only experience with babies is that they stay at the hospital (or at least don't come home with you.) This one won't. Am I ready for midnight feedings? For my house to be a disaster zone? To have microwave meals every day? To forego a shower in favor of a nap?

I have loved being pregnant. It's a phase of life and body I've gotten used to, and Ben is a pro caregiver in! Having a newborn around will be a huge change from the life Ben and I have grown accustomed to for so long. After over a year of this pregnancy stuff, am I really not mentally prepared for a baby to be here?

You have to give me some slack... it's pretty scary. 

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  1. Time is FLYING! You are in the countdown girl! WOOHOO!! So excited to meet this little guy you affectionately call 'Dragon'! He's going to be adorable and he is lucky to have some amazing parents!


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