Monday, May 7, 2012

Boccee Ball in Bicentennial Garden Park

We have been sort of boring after our week of adventures a couple of weeks ago, but I figured it was time to get out and do something blog-worthy after my sister (notorious for waiting up to a year to post outings or projects) started updating her blog almost daily!

Sorry, folks :)

But we finally had another really wonderful Saturday in Greensboro!

Ben came with me to the Friendly Center to run a few errands in different stores, then we headed to the grocery store for some lunch supplies for a picnic in one of the nearby parks.

The Bicentennial Park is one of Greensboro's most beautiful. It is full of well-trimmed flower beds, rose bushes, and special trees among various statues which have been donated and kept up by the Tanger family. It is truly so beautiful and in such pristine condition that photographers have to apply for days they want to have photo shoots!

Ben was nice enough to get veggie sushi with me (since I can't have raw fish... Boo!), before even realizing he was wearing his sushi shirt that day! What a coink-i-dink. 

We walked a fair ways through the garden portion to the park portion to find a grove of trees that Ben could use for slack lining... 

Which he did for about 10 mins. until it got too hot. 

I laid down on a bench beside him to let the sushi sit. 

Then... Boccee (Botchee) Ball time! Ben has a set that we've used at a church function recently, but it is so much fun to play with even only 2 people! We played rounds while walking back to the main part of the garden. What a great walk :)

The game involves dividing the colored balls into sets for each player then each person throwing their balls to get as close as possible to the white Pallino ball.  The person who has the closest ball wins that round. I am terribly at this game- I have very little control of myself and, therefore, hardly any aim, but I ended up winning about half the rounds! Woot woot! 

We used a yellow ball as the Pallino (Ben can't find the designated white one). My set was red :) 

Sometimes Ben had to measure which of ours was closest... 

Saturday night we went to ... cough, cough... Titanic 3D! No pictures, but I am still blogging about it! 
We saw Titanic as our annual Christmas Day movie the year it premiered, and it has remained a nostalgic favorite ever since. Thanks, Ben, for paying $20 to see a movie we own with snacks we had to sneek in to the theater when we could have watched it with our own kitchen feet away in the comfort of our living room on the projector screen :) 

It may seem illogical to YOU, but seeing a 3D movie was probably the closest I'll ever come to
 Leo DiCaprio :) 

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