Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Registry!

What's more fun than shopping, right? Well, we have actually put off our baby registry until now- the last possible second- and only now because I have a baby shower coming up and people are getting antsy!

Registering falls into that category of "Don't count your baby before it's born", along with setting up the nursery and picking a name. But, now that I'm on the eve of 30 weeks pregnant, I feel like it's finally time to count down to the big day and things feel more real and certain.

I have been adding items to an Amazon registry that Ben started here and there as I think of them, I've read the baby websites about what baby really needs, and we already have a lot of big, necessary items from my first pregnancy, so registering really wasn't such a big deal!

Including the time a rep spent explaining the clicker thingy to us and filling out paperwork to get started we were only in the store for about a hour and a half! I knew what I was looking for, what I wanted and didn't want, and had no problem clicking away on items that fit those credentials.

We team registered by Ben calling out the items we'll need from a checklist and I 
found the ones I wanted in the store.

Even though that's probably a world record, Ben still needed a break :) 

So, for anyone who is interested, we already have feeding supplies, crib, feeding chair, stroller, carseat, some toys, clothes, and diapers, front pack, slings, and white noise machine. 

And, FYI, we'd like to stay away from cutesy worded items, sports emblems, and blue things :O)

We rewarded ourselves with some dee-licious frozen yogurt! I have to say, a frozen yogurt place next to the Babies R Us seems like great product placement, right? 

All-in-all, a pretty good Friday Date Night!


  1. Sounds like fun!! I am excited for when it's time for us to register! My sister will push me around the store in a wheel chair lol Wish I could be there for your shower!!

  2. I love that top picture of Ben. And the froyo place by BRU is very strategic.


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