Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Man O'Brien Baby Shower

Last Saturday 3 terrific friends of mine threw me a great baby shower in Greensboro. They have all had babies in the last year, so they understood how special a baby shower can be, and what essential items a new mother really needs.

They are really stylish, fun women, and they threw a beautiful, amazing shower for me! 

The theme for the shower was "Little Man." Aren't the decorations great?

The refreshments were a pancake buffet. How awesome is that?!?! They made plain and choc chip pancakes and laid out berries, jam, syrup, nuts, whipped cream, etc. to top them with!

A few of the women who came... 

Leda is our RS President and is due July 19th! I'm scheduled to be induced July 18th, so there is a good chance we'll be in the hospital at the same time! They are having a girl and we're having a boy, so it's been fun being pregnant together and talking about our future kiddos :)

Thanks so much, Brittany, Hayley, and Ashley! It was a blast!!

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