Friday, July 6, 2012

Raleigh Temple

We have a scheduled RS temple trip on July 14th, but I'm planning to miss that one :)

We decided to go on Thursday as our last official time before the baby comes! We have had pretty pad luck getting to the temple lately. Things keep going wrong, and we even hit such unexpectedly bad traffic and weather the last time we tried going that we were just a few mins. too late to join the session! Geez. We were determined to make this trip work, but our electricity went out 15 mins. before we planned to leave! I just knew that meant our trip was off. I have recently stocked the freezer with meals and can not stay in a house with no A/C right now, so of course I was freaking out and wanted it fixed asap. Ben was totally cool about it, luckily, and said there was nothing we could do so we might as well leave as scheduled! We did, had an uneventful and relaxing drive to Raleigh, and got a call from Duke Energy just before walking in to our session that the power was back on! Take that, Satan!

We even got there about 20 mins. before we needed to which provided a beautiful opportunity to walk around and hold hands :) It feels good to force yourself to calm down... sometimes.

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  1. Take that Satan! Haha. Love it.

    And how awesome to get free day-old bread from your local bakery in the 4th?? That would make my day too.


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