Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Whit's Newborn Pictures

Our son is the cutest, most wrinkly little baby I've ever seen. My mom has dubbed him a Little Elephant because of the deep wrinkles of skin around his elbows and knees, and it's surprising fitting. He's also our Little Monkey because he loves to shoot his long, skinny arms and legs out in every direction to grab onto anything in sight.

So in preparing to take newborn photos of him of course I wanted the ultra-adorable head shots and prop photos, but after two different afternoons of photo taking and multiple times getting peed on, I decided to lower my expectations and focus on capturing his wrinkles and personality.

I did what I could.

{This was taken while sleeping in his crib one day. It's a mini crib, but he's still so small in it!}

{This photo matches a 3D profile ultrasound photo we have. Yep- I recognize that nose!}

{Cutesy photos were hard to take because he was not in favor of me moving him while he slept!}

{See that furrowed brow? He always looks so intense!}

{I LOVE his eyes here. They truly are a beautiful navy blue like his swaddler. They are almost black!}


 {Ok, here is a good newborn one. Don't tell the TV that the projector screen 
moonlights as a backdrop stand :) }

{I really wanted some good ones of him with his "W" props, but he was NOT interested in any more photos. This is the best I got, and I hate that he has a pacifier in it :( }

{These next few were a total accident. Ben was consoling him after some photos, and I couldn't resist getting a couple of them together. I'll do some more professional ones of the two of them later}

His awesomeness is hard to capture, but now you have an idea!


  1. I love them! He's so adorable!

  2. I loved looking at these!!! He is so beautiful!

  3. I love, Love, LOVE these!!!! You are so awesome and so is your son. (Ben too I guess.) :) Love him!

  4. Suz, those are great! Good job! The lip shot at the bottom is way cute. You did a great job. Pat yourself on the back and consider your job done. Newborn photos: check.

  5. I love baby's feet!! Cute one of Dad and Baby's feet!!

  6. Suz, find the Golden Book "The Saggy Baggy Elephant." You will understand when you read the story. In the event that you CANNOT find a copy, FB me and I will scan it for you and make you a pdf that you can have printed. I used to tell my dad (when I was very small), "I love you Saggy, Baggy, Wrinkles, and all," with a big dramatic pause after each word. It was inspired by that tale.

  7. He is so handsome! congrats on your baby boy!


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