Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rookie Parents: The First 4 Weeks

* The second night home we made a 2:00 am purchase of a mamaRoo Bouncer from Amazon after Whit wanted to be rocked to sleep after a feeding.

It's taken 4 weeks for him to get used to it enough to sit for a few mins without crying. 

* We went to the pediatrician 3 times in 2 weeks. Once was an emergency sick call because we noticed a red blurb on the white of one eye. We were told it was a normal, harmless symptom of birth that will go away on it's own after waiting over 2 hours at their office to see the Dr. on duty one Saturday.

* We took him for a walk in the Botanical Gardens park. It was our first outing using his stroller/ car seat combo we were given by friends, and it took Ben, an engineer, a good 10-15 mins to figure out how to set up the stroller!

* When trying to get used to carrying the diaper bag as a purse I took it into a store while Ben had Whit in the car. He drove Whit around a little while because he was fussy with a dirty diaper but I had all the changing tools. Note to self: Leave the diaper bag with the baby!

* Ben and I both huddle over him when we put him to sleep in his crib to make sure his eyes are going to stay closed. Does it really take 2 people to do that?

* The pediatrician told us to wake him up to eat every 3 hours. He is OFTEN so asleep it takes a while of this to wake him up...

* Ben was "geyser" peed on twice while still in the hospital, I have been peed on twice in one day, and we both watched him projectile poop (I didn't know babies did that!) in the middle of a diaper change. We are now VERY careful about how we change him!

* Ben rigged a laundry basket and our mailing scale to keep up with Whit's weight gain. We were waiting eagerly for him to get to 8 lbs so we could officially use our front carrier!

* Ben wears him in the front carrier during his lunch breaks and at night while he does things around the house. Have you ever seen this:

* Newborns are so much fun to play with! I wonder if he'll ever forgive us for these things... 

This is the cutest video ever!!


  1. I loved reading this. It made me smile :) Welcome to life with a newborn! And babies just get more and more cute and fun!!

  2. I love it!! I wish I would have written down all the things we'd done as rookie parents. I love the stroller story, that was SO us, lol. One thing I do remember was our discussion of if we should wrap Hailey in a second blanket for her first walk around the neighborhood, lol. Everything is so important right?

  3. I am CRACKING up laughing over here!

    Oh. I really needed that today. I just sent my 4 year old off for a sleepover with his Nana. How is it possible that he doesn't need me at bedtime any more?

    Y'all are so awesome.

    (The projectile poop! It's always so funny, especially when it happens to the other guy!)

    1. LOVED THIS Suz. Thanks so much! Everyone can relate to all of these things. What's funny is that even though I don't think I'm much more of a knowledgeable parent after 3 kids, I just feel much more comfortable in my role. Does that make sense? A funny example is that we had some friends over for dinner a while ago and they had one kid about Eliza's age. They were both fussing over him and making sure he had itty bitty bites to eat and was happy and everything. About halfway through the meal I noticed that Eliza had nothing to eat. Nada. We hadn't even given her any dinner! (Of course, she didn't seem to care. Otherwise I'm SURE she would have let us know.) So.... yeah. I just worry a LOT less now than I used to.

      PS> Don't tell your pediatrician I told you this, but I wouldn't stress about waking him up to eat every 3 hours....


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