Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whit is One-Month Old!

Whit's one-month ped appointment was actually a week ago... He is one month, but about 5 weeks old. How does that work? 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, but that's only 28 days and most months are 30-31 days, so it takess28 days to pass 4 weeks but another 1/2 week to make it to the 18th of the next month... and now my head hurts. Oh well... I think I'll stop counting weeks now and just go with months. That makes things easier.

My baby's a month old! 

Whit is... 
-8 lbs. 9 oz. 
-21.5 inches long
-Sleeping in his own room
-Sleeps for a 6-hour session, then a 3 or 4-hour session at night
-Now wearing size 1 diapers 
-Now wearing 0-3 mo. clothing
-Covered in baby acne
-on Zantac for acid reflux (which barely helps. He writhes and grunts all.the.time.)
-LOVES tummy time (esp. for well-observed naps) 
-Starting to get used to baths

Mommy & Daddy...
-Are getting more sleep!
-Carry him in the BabyBjorn as much as possible
-Do about 2 loads of baby laundry a week
-Narrate his day with different versions of "Call Me Maybe" 
(Hey, I just changed you, but now your poooooopy. Here's a new diaper, so stay clean for me.")
-Take Whit to Sacrament Meeting
-Always have a camera (AKA iPad or phone) nearby for cute pix and videos
-Both love Whit more than imagined and make a pretty good parenting team so far :) 

So far Whit is a pretty serious child. He has great eye contact and, when awake and not crying, will stare right at you or right past you. (Is he looking at the angels that surround us?) He cries when he doesn't feel settled, which is often at least a wimper due to the acid reflux. We joke that he has to "work something out." He likes to nurse at specific times, be held in certain positions, sleep in specific ways, cries as soon as he has a wet diaper, and hates the first time he gets the pacifier but eventually doesn't want to let it go, and other peculiarities that make me think he means BUSINESS! Seriously... don't mess with this kid's schedule. Which is nice, but I worry that he has a regimented temperament and won't be easily satisfied, happy, or creative in life. I want a happy child! I know that at a month old he is still just trying to figure this crazy world out and it is much too soon to peg him in one way, but I'm a Mom... I want what's best for him :)


  1. Wow that's crazy he is a month old already! Yay!

  2. Dude...you named him Dragon in utero...did you think he'd be mild and easy-going?! ;)

    I'm teasing. A lot of that is just newborn-ness. He'll shake out and even out and you'll be amazed, absolutely AMAZED as time passes and how he changes. He's SO cute...and those pictures of him staring down the Very Hungry Caterpillar?


    Enjoy him...he is lovely.

  3. I love your version of Call Me Maybe. And I do think that worrying that he won't be creative in life when he's only a month old is a bit premature. Just sayin.


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