Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rock Climbing Pilot Mountain

We have heard about Pilot Mountain often since we moved to Greensboro.

"You like camping? You should check out Pilot Mountain!"
"You hike? Have you been to Pilot Mountain?" 

After hearing that it had a plethora of climbing routes we have been eager to go, but we've always had obstacles. This past week Ben's mom was in town with us so we took advantage of the third person babysitter to FINALLY get some climbing in!

It was hard for me to climb while pregnant because I'd either feel too sick or weak to climb or belay, or my stomach was too big, so it felt GREAT getting back out! I was pretty terrified to go so high on my first time back in a while, but there is no other feeling of accomplishment! (Maybe natural child birth...)

Ben's mom got on the wall, too!

We even exposed Whit to rock climbing! 

In this picture he's looking back at Ben like, "Are you sure it's ok, Daddy?"

"I'm sure, Son."

3 weeks isn't too early, right? :) 

It was so fun, and there are tons of other routes we want to try! But we need to bring at least 1 other adult so someone can always be watching Whit. So... whose up for a trip?!?!


  1. I love Whit rockclimbing!! That's funny

  2. So cute! And I can't believe you went rock cimbing 3 weeks after delivery. Don't push it too much or your recovery will seem endless!


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