Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pow Wow '09

One of the biggest challenges for a Michigander living in the south is hearing all the Christmas songs about snow and seeing christmas movies where the Christmas miracles only happen when everything is covered in white. One of the world's greatest atrocities is when children in the south sing about a building a snowman and watching it melt in the sun HAVING NEVER EVEN SEEN IT!!! I guess they may have seen it before...but not enough to build a 10' snowman or have a snowball fight.

In order to help me cope with this anti-pow-itis, my beautiful girlfriend thought it would be great for us to head north on a quest for snow and some snowboarding. I'm not expecting killer, waist deep powder...I'll take whatever I can get and am going to LOVE it!

Here are some pics and quotes from the drive up start of Pow Wow '09.

"Wow...that was a lot of snow!" -Suz, pausing from singing J Mraz as we passed our first pile of white crusty stuff.

"Look! A mountain. AND snow!" -Suz, looking at a brown grassy knoll speckled with white.

"Ooooo....preeeeeetty. Look at the icicles!!!" -Suz

Things you can only find in North Carolina:
-Jack in the Box
-Ben and Susannah on New Year's


  1. Benjamin the Great actually proposed that we do the same thing... only we were just talking about driving north until we hit snow, so that the children could experience snow. We didn't go. But it's been cold enough for snow here this weekend!

  2. Just to clear things up: my Brother-in-law is Benjamin the Great, my boyfriend is Ben the Wonderful :) Thanks for marrying an engineer named Ben, Brett!


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