Monday, December 28, 2009

We should have started a blog earlier :(

We went to Charleston last Saturday. Don't you just love street vendors and little tiendas? And men willing to be pictured wearing awesome hats?

Ben bought a digeridoo while I was consumed by new beads and played it down the street. Third pic: We went to Ft. Sumter (who really cares that it's off the Charleston harbor and not in Sumter?). Ben hasn't really been somewhere until he's climbed over it and done a handstand there.

Our friends Ana Karen and Will were in charge of planning the YSA regional Christmas dance and it was AWESOME! We had so much fun together and with some our closest friends. Below are Melissa and Will... fingers crossed for them... Ben picked out my dress (of two) and supported me wearing my sparkly converse tennis shoes. Match, Point :)

"I promise I love you despite what my body language says." - Ben

Ben arranged for our FHE group to sing me Happy Birthday, have my favorite cake, and smeared me with it just like they do in Cambodia :) I totally fell for him that day!

Ben helped our family put up Christmas decorations and even got into a marshmallow war with my brother-in-law and my nephews! Poor Mom... she never saw them coming...

We got to know each other over the phone for SIX WEEKS before I was home for good in South Carolina. Our first weekend together Ben and I drove to North Carolina for some hiking and climbing-- something we both enjoy :)

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