Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Similar Christmas Story...

It's always a hysterical mess when the Fields Family gets together....

First, my sister, Brett, and her two kids, Catherine (Cat) and Jackson (Jack) spent a few days with us. Brett had really been looking forward to seeing Ben do a backflip in person, but was disappointed that he still isn't willing to :(
(For all those who have missed it... Zan's Favorite Video Of All Time)

The first thing Cat did was run to the gingerbread houses we had made. Notice the pink sparkly crown. She never takes it off. I love
that kid!

Our newest piece of furniture wasn't a "Fragile" leg lamp (we already have one of those) but Ben's Love Log! (Or "Love Turd" as Megan has dubbed it)

A Christmas tradition is to
decorate sugar cookies every year. This is one of my favor
ites! My older sister, Megan, and her kids always start an assembly line of one color and one decoration to do as many as possible while my brother, Andy, always spends the entire time working on just two

or three masterpieces. Ben was the
"new Andy" this year when he des
igned the SC flag on a star. Andy had to compete and design the Cali flag on a star, too. It was fun to watch them!

The best costume of the season wasn't a snowsuit ("I can't put my arms down!") or a giant bunny outfit ("Why was she convinced I was a four-year-old girl?"), but Andy's Christmas gift- a very tight wetsuit he was all too proud to show off.

After going to see Sherlock Holmes Christmas afternoon ("YOU
wear a jacket!") Ben and Andy worked on figuring out their newest toy, a combination safe found under my carpet. Not quite as cool as a Little Orphan Annie De-Coder, but still entertaining ("Is there an app to figure out a combination?")

Believe it or not, we actually messed up the turkey a
nd had to go to the only open restaurant for Christmas dinner... Ya Food Chinese Buffet. Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra....

"Um... guys... the oven is on fire. What should I do about that?" - Ben

And I DID get the gift I've always wanted. Not a Red-Ryder BB Gun, tickets to WICKED!!


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