Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yay for homicides!

Ring, ring...

"Mom! Guess what!"
"There was a homicide at Ben's office!"
"No... I mean someone who used to work at Ben's office was murdered."
"Oooooh... That's so sad...."
"Well, yeah, but guess what!"
"This means he's getting the day off and he's on his way over right now!"
"But, Honey, someone was shot."
"You don't know that. They may have been stabbed."
"Or fell into an electric fence. I watch BONES. I know how these things happen."
"No, Mom. He would have had to have been pushed into the electric fence. Falling into one isn't homicide, it's stupidity."
"I'm just glad Ben gets to come home early!"
"That's terrible."
"I'm just trying to find the silver lining..."
"But someone died."
"One step closer to God."
"I think you found the silver lining."


  1. Shouldn't one know that one is going to be quoted prior to reading ones comments on a blog. One must watch ones conversations much more closely. Sanctity of life forever!!


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