Saturday, March 6, 2010

All That in One Day!

We had a great Saturday! And it's only 6:30! It was really fun to get
done so much and to squeeze in so many fun things. We really felt like
a married coue was great!
Here's a run down of the events of one of our productive Saturdays:
1. Replaced tires on my car (not a moment too soon)
2. Replaced Suz' brake pads (not a moment too soon)
3. Ate a delicious breakfast at a Mexican restaurant where we HAD to
bust out and dust off our spanish skills in order to get served.
4. Signed up for a bank account together
5. Went geocacheing
6. Suz learned to drive a stick...without even one stall!!
7. Had tons o fun at a craft fare.  A quick snapshot of how we are together: (@ a glass blowing booth) Suz was amazed and fascinated by the intricate designs of the different pieces while asking if they can make a cherry blossom tree.  I was nearby talking to the guy making the things about the boro-silicate glass and why its the best.
8. Picked up stuff to fix a broken rear-view mirror.
9. Designed and picked up for our next building project: night stands!

Here are some pics:

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