Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not just fiances, now we're co-signers on a marriage license :)

Ben chipped his tooth at work on Monday. Yay! Allow me to explain my excitement: He made his dentist appt. for 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon he called from work to ask if we could get to the probater office downtown to apply for our marriage license since he would have some free time before he met the dentist. It went something like this...

"You just need to bring your Social Security card and driver's license." -Ben
"Hmmm... Well, I don't have my SS card. I haven't had it for years. Can I use a passport?" -Suz
"No. You can use a W-2 form though."
"Nope, don't have one of those either."
"Are you sure you're a citizen?"
"Yeah... you sure you can't use a passport?"
"Too bad. I really wanted to marry you."
"You could move to India and sign up with one of those mail-order-bride things and I can order you."
"Yeah, but the visas are a hassle. "
"Well, it would have been nice."
"Yeah. We did all we could."

My house is a WRECK, but I found the Social Security Card.

Step 1: Go to the Richland County Probate Court

Step 2: Go through security and run past everyone else up to the 2nd floor office
Step 3: Back outside and back through the security gate (with steel-toe shoes on) because you didn't bring cash and the office doesn't take a credit card.

"Can I get started on our form information while he's outside?" -Suz
"No, I need both of you here for that. But you can wait here if you'd like." -Dianne
"No way!"
Suz to Ben: "That sounded way meaner than it was supposed to."

Step 4: Meet Dianne back at the marriage license application desk and smile a lot so she doesn't think you're rude

Step 5: Hand over appropriate ID

Step 6: Wait for Dianne to type info from SS card, DL, and W-2 into the computer

Step 7: Write down blog address so Dianne knows there is a reason you're taking pictures in a government building (Yeah, we may care what Dianne thinks too much.)

Step 8: Review personal info to make sure everything is ready to print

Step 9: Wait for Dianne to print the marriage license

Step 10: Sign your life away (try not to look too excited...)

"Do you want this public or private?" -Dianne
"Public!" -Ben and Susannah in unison
"Wait, what does that mean?"-Ben
"We post the public marriage license application names to the Richland county website."-Dianne
"We could post that to our blog!" -Ben

And I'm happy to say Ben's tooth looks just like normal again :)


  1. I found our marriage license record!!!! We really are getting married!!!

  2. I promise I left a comment on this post a couple of days ago. Why didn't it show up?

  3. I told you! The real question is did you find our marriage record?


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