Monday, March 22, 2010

Are we having a sealing....Or a CARNIVAL??

When we first got engaged Ben joked that we should have Deep-Fried Snickers Bars at the reception because this would be his family's first trip to South Carolina and it is a Southern tradition. I was so against the idea I even had the idea to call each of his family members to ask if they would really care if we had them or not, but my mom talked me out of it. Ben's brillliance was to mention the idea while my mom was around. 

"Suz, if that's what Ben wants, let him have it."
 "But this is a sealing celebration, not a carnival!"

Ben (and my family) soon figured out that I would cave on any point if I was told it's what Ben really wanted. He also got a cotton candy machine (I have to admit, I like that idea), but I did manage to talk him and my family out of a giant bouncy house (maybe for the family BBQ instead?), magician, and balloon artist. 

"Ben, who would do that for us?"
"Well, my dad could do the magic and I would make the balloon animals. I always had a job at my sibling's receptions."
"Your job is going to be GROOM!"

Here we go....

Ben experimenting on frying. They turned out to be really easy and really delicious! He was so excited :)

Ben teaching my nephew, Will, how to make them. Yeah... should we maybe keep the kids AWAY from the pot of hot oil?

Nope! He's a natural!

My sister, Megan, tries our first Deep-Fied Snickers Bar

And it gets a thumbs-up!

Well, we are at least having a little bit of a carnival. And I have say, I'm pretty excited. It will be one fun, memorable day. 

"Oh Aunt Suz... we're so glad you listened to Uncle Ben and will have deep-fried Snickers at the reception!"


  1. I know I'm glad! It will be my first time having fried Snickers. No big deal. I've only lived in the south for 22/26ths of my life.

  2. ***NOTE*** The only reason I said this would be Ben's family's first time to the South is because that is what he led me to believe when trying to convince me this was necessary. Sorry, O'Brien's :)

  3. I just watched the video... I like how he said "you can't eat too many of these. Cause it'll kill you." Can we put that on a sign in front of the fried snicker station?

  4. First, let me just say that your sister Brett sent me the link to your blog and lo, she is right. It is 13 shades of awesome.

    Second, I think you're doing a remarkable job of keeping it all together. I was a basket case before I got married, but that's another story.

    Third, that Bridezilla video in the post before this one scared the peeps out of me.

    Fourth, the best advice anyone ever gave me, and it was so good it became my mantra to get me through my own wedding/reception was this (incidentally, it was my own very cool sister who gave it to me): The Wedding is for everybody else. The marriage is for you. Just remember that when family or friends turn out to be demons or divas on YOUR day. Let them be Divas--you get Ben. Forever. And let me tell you, marriage is pretty darn wonderful.

    You couldn't pay me enough money to go through a wedding again though.

  5. Dear M,

    You're my new favorite person. You're invited to the reception.


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