Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seoul, Korea Temple

The Seoul, Korea temple is obviously an important place for Ben.  He was "born" into his mission in the temple area-- a church and missionary housing right across the lawn from the temple.  He got to go pretty frequently during his mission, but the Shinchon area will always have a special place in his heart.

He was so excited and proud to bring me to the temple! We waited for our visit until Ben was done with his plant visits-- Thursday morning-- instead of trying to pack it in on a free night after work. We got to spend some extra time around the grounds, and I am so glad we had this special time together in Ben's mission area on the week of our anniversary!

The temple has amazing landscaping.  The bushes and trees are all very ornately and traditionally trimmed.  It was so beautiful to see how, inside and out, the temple has subtle hints of Asian. 

I was really nervous to go into a foreign temple! I had to be personally shown where to go for everything.  Luckily the LDS people worldwide are very helpful and understanding.  No one minded my innoncence : ) Even when my English translating box exploded in high-pitched squeels....

Happy anniversary! 

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