Tuesday, March 29, 2011

While You Were Sleeping....

We are 13 hours ahead of the East Coast, so let me tell you about my days wandering this incredibl(y confusing) town while Ben works.

Ben: Should I charge the company $100 to get my laundry done at this hotel?
Suz: That's ridiculous. Let's buy some detergent and I'll do it in the bathtub. 
Ben: So you'll wash my clothes today?
Suz: Yes... Geez, I take a bath, I watch TV, I do your laundry... It's like I'm a housewife even on vacation!
Ben: No, you're on vacation when you're a housewife.  You have it backwards. 

After doing laundry (can you Belize-it?), I took the free hotel shuttle to a great little area called Itaewon.  It is a multi-cultural shopping and eating area, so everyone thinks foreigners should go.  Luckily I didn't see many foreigners, because I tend to get lost down alley ways when left to my own devices : )

The alley I decided to take turned out to be a residential street, which gave me great insight to the types of buildings and ways of living people have here. I absolutely LOVE seeing where people live, and especially the types of trees they have growing in their yard... hee hee. 

It took me to the antique section of town, for which Korea is famous.  Wow! I love antiques, and was in heaven seeing antique stores in Seoul.  Most shopowners here speak English, as well, so I got to sit down with a very nice woman at one store and talk about antiques from around the world (since most of hers were from American 1950's era). 

Isn't getting lost the BEST?!

I also happen to buy this AWESOME shirt for only $9!

To buy:
Cool Clothes
Present for Drew
Silver chopsticks
Marriage ducks

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