Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Uncle Ben is in India!

Ben is in India this week, and I'm hanging with my sis in Georgia while he's there.  I'm pulling carrots from the garden, making crafts and sewing clothes, eating really good food, doing Zumba, and exhausting myself with three adorable children.

But on to the exciting stuff.  Ben is in Bangalore, nicknamed the Silicon Valley of India because it is the center of development and technology.  That means it is relatively clean and foreigner-friendly (the exact opposide of my experience in the more touristy Delhi and Agra.  I'm glad he's having a better time!) So he's loving it.

Here are some pictures he's sent me so far:

I'm not really sure who any of those people are... 
Ben, you are welcome to come into this post and give us some insight about your adventures! 

And a couple fun videos: 

We love you, Ben, and hope you have a great trip! Glad you made it there safe!


  1. Well, I am jealous. You and Brett are probably having all kinds of fun without ME.


    Have fun, big hugs all around! Totally wish I was there!

  2. It would have been great for you to be here, M! Maybe next time!

    I love the picture of Ben on his SECOND elephant ride. He's a natural.


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