Monday, June 18, 2012

35 Week Update + Maternity Pictures!

I am 28 days, or less (my exact induction date hasn't been scheduled) away from bringing Dragon into the world.  It's close enough to count by days??????

Oh. My. Goodness. 

* I still go into my midwife clinic 2x week for a Non-Stress Test. I love these appointments! I get to be calm and focus all my energy on Dragon, and the staff (who are now good friends) come in to talk and pass the time. 
*My midwife sees me 1x week at either of the above appointments. Again, I can't say enough how much I love them and how supportive and attentive they are. Everything is going really well! 
*I go to the Women's Hospital 1x every 2 weeks for a Type II ultrasound and BPP test (Dragon's amniotic fluid, movement, breathing, and muscle tone are monitored for 30 mins.) So far these tests are all great! 
*I am constantly thinking about Dragon's nursery, which still isn't finished! It is looking really good though, and gives me something good to stay busy with in the meantime :)
*Dragon doesn't move as often as he has in weeks past, but, at certain times of the day, still moves enough that my belly looks like a 3 Ring Circus! It is so so cool! He is large enough now to move on two different sides of my belly at the same time. I don't get bothered by this at all- I have a long torso so he never disturbs my breathing or anything- but sometimes he will stretch something around my side and something about that patch of skin/ organs is really sensitive. It's not too often, but that movement always takes me by surprise and I have to try not to scream! 
*I felt Braxton Hicks contractions for the first time a few days ago (and none since.) I happen to be on video chat with Ben (in China) and he started to time the contractions and asked me to call the on-call nurse :) It was so sweet that he was concerned, but I was prepared for this and knew without a doubt that it was just fake stuff and nothing to worry about. It did really hurt, though! 

New Photos!
Since Ben was gone for 1 week in Indiana and scheduled for another 2 week trip right after that I spent 1 week in Milwaukee with his Brother and SIL and he came over to spend the weekend with me. Some other members of his side of our family came over, too, and we had a great mini family reunion together!

My sister-in-law, Sarah, is a great photographer and offered to take (or did I push the idea on her?) some couples pictures for us! See, I love the maternity photos Ben has taken of me to chronicle my pregnancy, but I really wanted some pictures of us together! 

Here we are: 
(These pictures were taken in about 30 mins in the backyard then transferred to Ben's computer and e-mailed to me. They haven't been re-touched or enhanced at all, I just couldn't wait to share them!)

I am so happy with these pictures! Especially now, with Ben away for so long, I love looking at them and remembering how in love we are and how much he loves our baby. Plus, I love the pictures of my new big, beautiful body! I feel so gorgeous right now, and just love being pregnant! 


  1. Great pictures!! You're so pregnant! :-) Wish I could see you in person.

  2. Great pictures!! You're so pregnant! :-) Wish I could see you in person.

  3. you are a beautiful pregnant girl.

  4. i LOVE that you LOVE being pregnant! so happy for you two (or three :))

  5. You look gorgeous! Pregnancy suits you... glad you are loving your body. I love my pregnant belly too.

  6. These are so amazing. I love seeing you so blissful! You both deserve it.


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