Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Shower in Hickory

Isn't it incredible that, after only living in Hickory for 1 year a year ago, my friends there still remembered me {us} and wanted to throw me a baby shower? I just can't get over that level of support. Thanks so much, gals :)

My baby shower there was on Saturday, so, after dropping Ben off at the airport for a 3-week school/ business trip, I drove the 1.5 hours to Hickory to P-A-R-T-Y. It was pretty good timing; I always get really sad when Ben leaves, so this was a great distraction.

I got into town a little early, so I got to document baby shower prep! 

Ann is in green, Karrie is in white, and my sister, Megan, is in red. She drove up from Columbia, SC to be there- isn't that so sweet?

Ann got a cake and pastries from Carolina  Bakery- my favorite bakery! Man, I miss that place...

When Ann opened the box to show us this cake I started to tear up. I thought, "Oh great. The emotions are starting already!" But I held it together :) Something about that cake was just so sweet!

The theme for the shower was "Changes" so I {very happily} received a lot of diaper, wipes, and cleaning sets. I was so grateful for that! I have been panicked the last week or so that, if Dragon comes early, we would be completely unprepared! I felt so much better after getting some necessities. 

But here are some memorable reactions from a few other gifts: 

I don't know what was so funny, but Megan and I did a lot of laughing that afternoon!

This is the blanket our other sister, Brett, made and sent for me. She asked me a while ago if Dragon could let me know if he'd rather have a blanket or carseat cover. I told her that, since Brett made a blanket for Eleanor, I thought Dragon wanted a blanket, too. We don't want any sibling rivalry! And also that Dragon told me he'd really like light green. She replied, "I know. Give some credit to aunt's intuition!" :) 

It is so beautiful and soft- just perfect for my baby! And it comes with so much love!

I think Ben will love this onesie! When Dragon outgrows it I'll probably design another one in a larger size :)

And I love this one from Megan with the SC flag design! We South Carlolinians are pretty proud of the palmetto and crescent moon! 

Baby jeans! They are pajama material! How cute is that?!

One of Karrie's 2-yr-old triplets, Madi, didn't want to nap so she got grown-up girl time by handing me some gifts. 

Special moments... 

Who doesn't love little baby toes?!?! These belong to Ann's 10-week-old, Huntsman.

 Thank you so much, Ann and Karrie. I love you both and am so grateful for the support you have always given me! Your friendship means so much :)

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  1. I am so glad you had a good time. I know I did. Thanks for allowing us to throw you a shower and traveling to Hickory to attend it. :) Loved that your sister could make it. Sad that we missed your mom and Brett. So fun to celebrate your cute bump with you. I think you are pretty amazing and radiant as a pregnant woman. Miss you....Hugs!


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