Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mark your calendars- Dragon's Induction Date!

Last Thursday I had another Type II ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Care. Dragon is doing great! They even measured different organs and bones and said he averages out to about 5.4 lbs, 38% for weight. Perfectly healthy, and it's nice not to expect a 10-pounder. (And yes, I realize those measurements are just estimates, but they have measured him with accurate equipment every three weeks and he has been stable at these numbers the entire pregnancy, so I trust them.)

I asked them who schedules my induction- MFC or the midwife clinic where I receive my primary care. They told me the clinic will schedule. I asked if my est. due date could change at this point, since he is measuring a week behind but I'd like to be induced a few days prior to my 39th week mark. They said no, my EDD wouldn't change, and good luck getting my induction scheduled a day earlier than 39 weeks.

I took my chances. 

They were right. 

At my midwife appointment the next day I explained to my midwife that I'd prefer scheduling the induction on a Friday over a Tuesday so Ben could be in the hospital over the weekend without missing work (we were in the hospital Friday-Sunday with Eleanor and it was so convenient!). She promptly offered for my induction to get scheduled a few days later on the following Friday. No. The convenience wasn't worth pushing my delivery back at all!

So I'm all scheduled: July 18th! 
This is 39 weeks and 1 day, but that was fine with me because it's the day both of my midwives will have shifts in the delivery ward. One day was worth waiting to be sure I"ll have personal care from the women who have been through this journey with me. 

If I haven't explained before, it is the protocol to offer an induction at 39 weeks for some pregnancy conditions, including a previous stillbirth. I know the baby is growing and developing every day, but we feel ok with having him a week early. (My sister has a friend whose child was stillborn at 39 weeks. I've heard that happens because the baby is big enough that they aren't moving much anymore, so it's hard for the mom to recognize something is wrong. I'm not taking that chance.) I'm starting to get really anxious to have him here, so I think the emotional/ stress relief benefits win out. 

I am a little nervous about him coming at 39 weeks via induction. I know inductions w/ Pitocin more commonly lead to C-Sections, and I do not want a C-Section! My midwives understand my concerns and completely agree. They believe my delivery won't lead to a C-Section because I've had a previous natural delivery so my body will "remember" how to perform, and they will also give me natural treatments in the week leading up to the 18th to try and encourage my body to go into labor spontaneously. 

So, the bottom line is that I will go into labor on my own or via induction BY JULY 18TH. 

How scary/ amazing is that?!?!

Wow... 3 measly weeks away... we have so much to do! 


  1. How exciting! It is so close!!!

  2. That is SOOOO exciting!!! 3 weeks will seem like an eternity but it's not far off!! Can't wait to see pictures of how cute your little guy is, so happy for y'all!

  3. Woot! Yeah!

    PS> I almost would have waited two more days.... 7/20/12 is such an easy date to remember! I'm sure you won't have any problem with 7/18/12 though. Sorry. I'm silly like that. I love that my kids' bdays are all easy to spout off at doctor's appointments and schools and such...

  4. I am SO excited!! I am also thrilled for you, Susannah!


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