Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Real Non-Stress Test :)

Have I mentioned that the women's clinic I go to is AMAZING? Oh, 1 or 200 times, you say? Well, it's true :)

I was getting seen by this very small, personable office staff for just a couple of months before we lost Eleanor, but they loved me as if I'd been a patient for years. They were incredibly supportive during that time (even going to visit me in the hospital), and are now very understanding and invested in the success of this pregnancy.

In addition to about every other non-invasive medical test or procedure, my midwife, Walledah, suggested I start a series of non-stress tests at 32 weeks "Just as a precaution to make us all feel better."  

The non-stress test monitors the woman's uterine activity (in case she is having contractions, for instance) and monitors the baby's heart beat at the same time. The woman sits comfortably and still for at least 20 mins. so the monitor can detect a baseline for the baby's heartbeat then track it's changes. The point is to wait until the baby's heartbeat raises 15 beats past the baseline for at least 15 seconds two separate times. The woman also hold a clicker to press anytime she feels movement. Together, the readouts of the heartbeat and the uterine activity caused by the baby's movements tell the clinic staff that the baby is moving and developing steadily.

The uterine monitor is clipped onto the pink band at the top of my uterus, the blue band has the baby's monitor. 

The machine on the right is printing out the monitor reports for the midwife to check periodically. 

This was one test I LOVED, let-me-tell-you. I didn't want to miss any movements from Dragon, so I spent the time concentrating as well as I could on his movements. The monitor played his heartbeat audibly continuously, so I was completely immersed in this quiet, comfortable moment to focus on my baby. I loved hearing his heartbeat so steadily and concentrate on feeling him move!  

I was in a pretty bad mood the morning of my appointment, but was as happy as ever when I left it. What a great way to spend a morning!

Ben teases me for getting excited every single time Dragon moves ("Did you feel that?!?! That was a big one!"), so it was nice to get some validation this time :) The nurse or midwife would come to check the readout and say, "Wow, he had a big movement here!" "I know! It was so cool!" I'd reply. I love that there was proof this time, and that someone else got just as excited! I guess all those times I've paid attention to his movements and kept Ben up-to-date on them was just me studying for this test. Hehehe :)

I will go back twice a week from now on (which sounds like a lot, but is only 1 extra appointment a week- I'd already be going 1x week at this stage, anyway.), which doesn't bother me AT ALL. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I had heard of those tests but never knew what you did for them. SO fun to get to hear his heartbeat and "click" for his movements. I love that you get to slow down and focus on your little guy.


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