Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bridge Day 2012!

Last weekend Ben and I packed up the baby and headed 3 hours north to Fayetteville, WV, for the annual Bridge Day event on the New River Gorge. Fayetteville has been dubbed "The coolest small town in America", partly because it sits on this gorgeous river and mountain landscape that is popular for hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting and kayaking, etc. The New River is actually one of the top 7 rivers to raft and we have both rafted there! At different times, of course.

Once a year the river activities subside and the bridge hosts base jumpers and repellers! It is the largest man-made structure that allows base jumping, so they have to have at least 100 jumps experience and sign up in advance. People flew and drove in from around the US and the world to participate, and the city really came alive! It felt like a mini fair :)

It was so crowded!

The location: 

The repellers waiting to walk to the ropes under the bridge:

Ben looking out before it was REALLYcrowded

We kept Whit well bundled in his stroller and he slept the entire time!
Do you like the mardi gras beads he got? :)

Jumpers could go as much as they wanted, so there was always a line of them waiting on the platform for their turn. Ben pointed out that they all had Go Pro helmet cameras


The descent:

They are meant to maneuver their landing onto the white circle to the right of the river, but 
speedboats are anxiously circling to pick up any jumper who accidentally lands in the frigid water. 

Their view:

Packing up their parachutes: 

The point at which Ben decided to take up base jumping: 

We stayed for about 3 hours then drove around the little town. We found a secluded dead end street that led to a roped-off walking path that we just had to check out. It turned out to be a fall-lover's paradise! Beautiful trees, colorful leaves on the ground, no other people, and a perfect view of the bridge. 

You can see the repelling lines to the left of the bridge: 

Yay for Bridge Day 2012! Two thumbs up!


  1. What is base jumping, exactly? Is it like sky diving, but off of a place instead of out of a plane? I'm just not sure.

    I like the pics of Ben deciding to take up base jumping. Pretty cute. Looks like a fun adventure!

  2. We always stopped at this bridge for a picnic when my family would drive to Ohio (where my dad is from).

    I love that last picture of Whit! He is so adorable!!

  3. That's so fun!! Watching I mean, not that I would EVER jump! I love that it's in the fall, all the tress look so beautiful.


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