Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Triplets Turn One!

My sister, Megan, was unexpectedly blessed with triplets last September. The gravity of her pregnancy motivated Megan to make serious changes in her life, and she bravely took on the challenge of raising   6 kids with the help of our mom. As members of a church that preaches service, kindness, and love without judgement to all, her LDS ward family has graciously and energetically stepped in to fill in any gaps in their lives. They have coordinated for two people to visit their home every day for two hours (I think...) to watch the babies so Megan and Mom can focus on the original 3 kids, help with homework, eat dinner together, etc. The ward has loved being involved with the family and now argue over who gets to come when. All of us who wish we were closer and better able to help out owe these many men and women a debt of gratitude for their love and service!

So, after a year of change and growth, the triplets' birthday was a celebration for not just those of us in our family who have been intimately involved since the beginning, but for their friends who have supported and helped them and opened their hearts. These babies are a miracle. After each spending at least 1 month in the NICU and heart surgery for Courteney, they are now thriving, healthy, and happy.

I have to admit that my heart had been healed over this past year, as well. Megan and I were pregnant together in 2011, and her triplets were born exactly two weeks after I delivered our daughter. At the time it didn't feel unfair, exactly, but confusing. Very confusing. I spent a week with her and her children when the babies were born, again when they came home from the hospital, and 2 months later when they were blessed within days of Eleanor's original due date. I've always had a confusing relationship with the triplets after that experience, but, after the blessed birth of our amazing son, I found myself really excited to move on from those feelings and recognize and celebrate the triplets as my nieces and nephew, children of God, and blessings to our family.




The Proud Mama

Celebrating with friends, family, presents, and cake!

I had to capture that Colin's shirt was on backwards: 

Megan recently bought a new camera and Will is the designated family photog. Oh the things you're willing to  do for the right shot! 

Megan showing the 8x10 photo canvases I made for her of some newborn pictures I took last year:

Weston was pretty confused about the pretty pink leopard dress that had his name on it!

The worst thing about being small: It takes cake longer to get to you!
I love this pic of the babies waiting for cake and everyone else's tall legs in the background... life is so unfair sometimes! :)

Courteney doesn't seem very satisfied with her cake, does she? Maybe she was expecting the blue one...?

 Weston wasn't too excited about "cake" and "frosting." Geez. Sister Derek has claimed Wes, so she was at his side to help him dig in. 

Happy Birthday, Trips!


  1. Awww I LOVED your pictures & seeing all those people I know!! Happy Birthday to them, they're sure cute!

  2. Aaw...I gotta say that I always enjoy your posts. :)

  3. Aaw...I gotta say that I always enjoy your posts. :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this!! It was great to get an idea of how the party went. I'm so glad the ward has adopted those babies. What a huge blessing.

  5. "Spot the triplets" has long been my favorite sacrament activity! :) I can't believe they are 1 already! Such cute pictures!

  6. I love that family picture of you guys!! oh, and I laughed at the picture of Ben holding Whit up....I could recognize that 'poop line' anywhere! haha...newborns do that soo much!

  7. that was the sweetest thing i have ever seen/read-thanks a million aunt suz-we love you!


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