Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our baby is 3 months old!

Whit @ 3 months:
12 lbs. 13 oz
23 in. long

-Is now is size 2 diapers
-Has discovered his hands. He loves to play with them, touch his face, and suck his fist! All. The. Time
-Has become pretty slobbery... He goes through at least 2 outfits a day!
-Really likes his pacifier. He has it in almost all day!
-Takes a 1.5-2 hour nap exactly 1 hour after waking up in the morning like clockwork
-Cries to eat again every 3 hours to the minute. 
-Loves to lay belly down on someone's chest
-Is captivated by TV and images on the projector screen when we turn the lights off 
and watch a show at night
-Doesn't cry all the time anymore! He either stares thoughtfully or smiles about half the time he's awake. 
-Will now mimic our smiles or smile on his own when he sees us
-Immediately calms down from crying when he is held and bounced on an exercise ball, but won't calm down in his bouncy seat. What's the diff, Whit?  
-Has random bald spots over his head, one patch of his dark newborn hair, and sort of 
blonde everywhere else. 
-Gives big stretches when he wakes up and his swaddle is undone. IT IS SO SO SO CUTE! 
-Earned the nickname "Whitsy Bitsy" from his 8-yr-old cousin, Colin. I can't stop calling him that!

He has two times of the day that he reliably happy- an hour after he wakes up, and around 5 pm when Ben is home from work. I was sure to take these pictures during his morning happy time to get some good smiles, but don't be fooled-- he's known as Mr. Fussbucket the rest of the day! :) 

We think he looks a lot like his cousin, Elly. What do you think, Sarah? 

We dress him in a onesie to go underneath his swaddle blanket at night so he doesn't get overheated, and put him in footy pajamas during the day to stay warm in our cool house. Backwards? Maybe. He has outgrown all of his 0-3 month size pj's, so this is a new one I bought a couple weeks ago for him. I love him in this outfit! Ben calls him "The Onceler" because we think he looks like a
 Dr. Seuss character with all the colorful stripes! 

 Playing with his hands- his 3-month-old trick!

Smiling for Mommy:

Singing with Daddy:


  1. Cute pictures! I really love the 3rd one :-)

    SO glad he's not crying all the time anymore. What a relief. And how nice that he's on such a great schedule. Makes life easier, doesn't it?

  2. He does look like Elly when he's smiling! He's such a handsome little man.

  3. He is simply adorable! What fun you must be having with him! :)

  4. Oh man, you're breaking my heart. He is SO cute! And yay for hitting the happy season! I knew it would come.

    We have our own fussbots. It's the benefits of education, making up appropriate adjectives to describe the real time behavior of our children.

    And a hearty congratulations for making it through the hardest part. The rest is fun! (Not all the time, but most of the time...)


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