Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anyone know the real name for the code thingers?

So every week I do some internet work for my boss. She runs a magazine advertising cars and car dealerships and I help out by posting many of them to Craigslist once a week. There are a lot of cars but it isn't hard. I even enjoy it sometimes for ONE reason....

You know the code thinger you have to type in for safety and verification and all that jazz at the end of your posting on a lot of websites?

Yeah... that's it.
My name is Susannah, and I have trouble typing in the code thinger. I hate the ones they use on google websites, for example. The letters and/or numbers are super skinny, long, and overlap each other. Setting up a gmail account? Takes hours. Posting a comment on a google blog? Forget it.

But the code thingers on Craigslist are hilarious! They are actually legible and real words, which helps. Plus I think whoever is in charge of writing the code thingers must just say whatever pops into his/her head. I think I'm starting to understand that person pretty well, and we're becomming friends (Don't judge. I spend all day with an 8-month-old

Here are some of my favorites:

Floozie dominated
  Good for her.
Gangway no
              Probably a good decision....
President kill
            Oh no. Subliminal messages... Even Craigslist is against Obama?!
understand awarding
             I find understanding awarding, too.
twitting protest
             Yes! Down with Twitter! For no aparent reason.
eschews individual
              I hate when that happens. Don't you?
justice deported
              That could be a problem.
and sextants
               I have had this one repeatedly... Craigslist must like that word  :)
indebted to
Who? I'm on the edge of my roller desk chair!
by worrying
No, that doesn't solve anything.
evidence uncoils
(I think this employee is watching CSI while he works...)
That husband
What? What'd he do?

I Googled "Craigslist security code", " internet security code", went to Brett's blog and wrote a comment to see that Blogger calls it 'word verification and looked up "Blogger word verification", then "What is word verification" and FINALLY... BINGO! Found out what the heck that thing is.

CAPTCHA (If it sounds familiar you're not crazy... it is an ebonics term derived from the English word "capture." Guess speaking plain English is out of style. It also happens to stand for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.") is a system of testing computer responses.  A computer posts the simple "Word verficiation test" and then grades the response. Because other computers can't recognize the test, if the response matches the test the main computer knows it was given by a human (Warning: If your response doesn't match and your comment/ post is denied, you may be a robot.) . This way websites such as Blogger and Craigslist secure that only humans are navigating the sites, not computers. Because too many computers pretending to be humans would be mayhem, wouldn't it?

I'm not putting it past technology to eventually figure out that we are on to it impersonating us... In fact, I almost expect it. Call me paranoid, but yes, robots ARE taking over the world. That's why I refuse to own a PDA phone, GPS, or iPad. That, and the fact that they terrify me because I can't work 'em at all.

I'm on to you computer-word-verification-figuring-out-technology-robot... Don't you try to comment on this post. But if you do, please inform on how we can eventually live on Mars. 'Cause that would be cool.


  1. I've been dogging iPads for a while... but a member of our bishopric had his in Ward Council on Sunday and when we started talking about the layout of the location of our ward luau coming up, he pulled it up on google earth and it really came in handy! Not that I think they are practical now or anything. But I'll probably stop dogging them.

    On to the CAPTCHA...

  2. GPS devices are very risky, "It lets them know where you are at all times!" "Who?" "The government, spy satellites, detectives, ex-girlfriends..." Apparently Dwight is on to something, we mustn't let the computers take over the world!


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