Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all those wonderful women in our lives: 

Mom F
Mom O

We love you so much and are already learning from your example. You are all righteous mothers who are teaching  your children to come closer to Heavenly Father in your homes by living your own testimonies. Thank you for having family prayer, family home evening, taking them to church, disciplining well, loving hard, and never giving up. Ben and I have the cutest and most fun nieces and nephews (not an exaggeration. It's really true.), and we are both so grateful to the women who raised us and our siblings.

Thank you!

A peak at our first Mother's Day together: 

Shopping for Mother's Day dinner ingredients
"What do you like about Mother's Day?" Said one eggplant to the other.
"Being made into Eggplant Parmesan!" It replied. 
Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with your food? Did mine teach me not to capture it on film? 

I just love my mom so much! Or maybe I'm cutting onions... :)
(Mom called twice this weekend to remind me I was in charge of making dinner. Haha...)

Me and my wonderful mom 

The vinyl sign we made for mom. I had so much fun making a bunch of vinyl for gifts this weekend! What a great way to give something personal that will last for years and look great!

Ben and I wearing our matching BYU t-shirts. He gave me mine for Mother's Day!

Who knows how we'll celebrate next year...? 

Loves her!

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  1. aww! i love your mom's day gift! hope y'all had a great mom celebratin' day!!!


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