Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Going to the Temple Saved my Weekend

Listen to this... 

Saturday afternoon Ben gets a call from our old Single's Branch President. We like him and had actually just seen him at a wedding receptions, but it's strange to get calls from him. He'd called to say that he had just received a call from a security guard at the mall saying that he'd found a wallet belonging to Susannah Fields and wondering if Pres. McKee knew how to get hold of me to return it. 

Strange, right? 

Ben and I had been at the mall for about 20 mins. on Saturday-- we parked at an entrance across from the one store I went into and then right back out. Sometime during the quick errand I managed to drop my bolseta (I remembered afterward it had been because there was one of those stands with multiple bubble gum  machines attached and I'd pulled out my wallet to see if I had any quarters and it must have missed the purse opening when I tried to put it back it. That'll teach me to chew bubble gum. But I like all the different flavors... and watching it slide down... anyway....)

The wallet was turned in to a security guard in  tact and the security guard looked inside for ID. I had my debit card, driver's license, SS card, gift cards, and my temple recommend inside. Someone could have easily stolen my identity and the contents of my bank account, but instead it was turned in and the guard used my temple recommend to find me. 

Ben and I got the call it had been returned before I even realized it had been missing. Ben pointed out that I would have been a WRECK if I'd known it was gone, so hearing it was found before I was really aware was a HUGE blessing. We picked it up and went through it card by card and realized that the temple recommend was the only card inside with any kind of phone number. The security guard who found it and tracked us down wasn't around, so we are left to assume that he called that number and gave my name to whoever answered. That person probably looked up that it had been issued at the Columbia University Branch and gave the security guard Pres. McKee's number. Maybe? 

Anyway, lesson learned is: ALWAYS KEEP AN UPDATED TEMPLE RECOMMEND WITH YOU. And make quarters easily accessable for when you want a bubble gum ball. 

We went to the temple last night and this great thing happened: 
When I finished I went to the women's dressing room to change back to my original clothing and talked with a volunteer who'd been assigned to keep an eye on the dressing room. 

"It took me a long time to realize the men don't have someone who stays in the dressing room." -Volunteer
"Then why do we?" -Me
"Oh because they asked me to."
"Well good for you for just doing what you're told."
"That's the only way to work for the Lord."


  1. hmmm yes! i love your last RED words now posted twice. well worth posting many times as it is a great lesson i want to learn and be better at! also how grateful are we for the temple?!! love your posts, they are the inspiring kinds that i really love to read and the reason i am so fond of a blog :) thanks dear girl!!!

  2. Great story. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am so glad to hear there are honest people in the world. That is a great lesson about keeping a temple recommend!

  4. I just asked my parents, who are temple ordinance workers, about the dressing room and they said that the men always have attendants just like the women do.

  5. And does that person understand the purpose of being in the dressing room, instead of "just doing what you're told"? There is a purpose to all things...

  6. and ps I'm anonymous because you don't know me and I don't want to admit that I read random people's blogs even though I'm sure I'm not the only one who does it. Bloggerazzi, right? :)

  7. Thanks for reading and commenting, Anonymous! I love to get feedback from people :) After your first comment I asked around, too, and our temple keeps a male ordinance worker in the dressing room if they have extra workers, but it is not a regular thing. That might be typical of small temples like ours :(


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