Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun in the Georgia Sun w/ our Nice Camera!

Last week Ben went on  a business trip to Honduras and El Salvador.  I chickened out about being home alone, and pregnant, so I spent the week in Georgia with my sister and her family (they are about to move to SLC, and I will miss them soooooooo much!!)

Ben and I are fortunate to have the best looking and most fun nieces and nephews ever (I dare you to dispute me. Seriously.  Just try.)

Here are the three I was around all week:

One day Brett tried doing a fun photo shoot with the kids.  As you can see from my pictures, 
it was more chaotic than productive.  But at least I got these fun candids!

And we spent one afternoon at the beach on St. Simon's Island! It was nice to be at the beach,
but my nausea was still acting up and I was good for little more than sitting in a chair at the water break.
The wind kicked up and the waves got stronger, and even that started to make me motion sick!

I did have a lot of fun testing out new photo techniques on the awesome camera we never use, though! 
(My goal is to be as good as my SIL, Sarah, by the time we have our baby.)

This little girl has such an infection smile and cute chubby limbs that she is the best comforter for any bad mood. 

Jack is awesome.  He's not sure if he's a big kid or a toddler, and it is so fun watching him discover what he likes and doesn't like.

This leader-of-the-pack can be overly wise and dramatic for her age.  I can see her being a really good friend one day. 

I love all of them so much, and will miss them incredibly when they move.  Brett is one of my best friends, Ben and Ben talk all the time, and I am addicted to their kids. 

Thanks for letting me crash on your couch for a week, tolerating my constant need for naps, and sharing my chicken noodle soup! 


  1. Oh you're too kind:) My favorites are of Eliza and Jack splashing in the water.

  2. Aw. I'm jealous! But then I'm always jealous when you and Brett get together...I know you're having all kinds of fun and I'm missing it.

  3. Suz, you are so sweet to us! We love having you around - especially me - and last week was no exception! Thanks for being such a great sister and aunt, and thank you for sharing your photos. They're awesome!


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