Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Changes... Part 2

Big announcement here, people!

We're having a baby! 
(but you probably guessed that).

Ben and I found out the day after our anniversary that we are expecting a child! This is an answer to lots of prayers, and we are so excited and happy. 

I am 12 weeks along, and have had a pretty rough time so far.  Nausea and fatigue have ruled the last few weeks, and I can hardly get out of bed or off the couch (partly because I'm too tired to move, partly because I concentrate so hard on not vomiting that I'm afraid I will if I change my position.)

I try to eat whenever I can, but there are only a couple of things I'm willing to put in my body right now. (I've already lost 6 lbs, and the midwife wants me to gain up to 45 lbs during the pregnancy! Yeah, right!)

My Diet;
*Orange Juice
*Ginger Ale
*Mashed Potatoes
*Chicken Noodle Soup

How awesome Ben is:
*He asks me every morning how I'm feeling
*He doesn't tease me for staying in bed so long
*He doesn't mind making his own dinner-- frequently frozen meals
*He will stop at the store or go with me to the store for whatever I crave that night
*He cleans the kitchen and cooks our food, b/c I can't stand the smell
*He cleans the house when I have no energy
*He makes sure I take my vitamins every day
*He arranges to make it to all my midwife appointments
*He insists I eat or drink as much as I can
*He researches what pregnancy is like in his spare time to be more sympathetic to me
*He waters my garden daily because I can't be in the kitchen long enough to put water in a bucket
*He prays for our baby every night
*When I feel emotional and angry he leaves to buy me flowers
*He does all of this without any prodding from me-- it is his natural, paternal reaction :) 

We are so excited for December 14th!


  1. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! Cat is so right - you will be an awesome Mom. And of course Ben will be an awesome Dad. I mean, you both already are awesome parents aeb how well you're taking care of Lime.

  2. I wanted to comment on changes part 1 but it wouldn't let me so I'll comment on here for both! Firstly, yay! I am so happy for y'all :). Becoming a mother is the greatest thing you will ever accomplish and I'm so excites for you and your family to experience this wonderful blessing! Secondly thank you for the first post. Your testimony and example if faith was exactly what I Needed to hear and I appreciate you sharing it! Congrats!

  3. Yay! Congratulations to you both! How wonderful and exciting! Hope you start to feel better soon! We're due December 10th! And like you, I've been super sick with this pregnancy...but unlike you...I've already unspeakable amount of weight. Eating is the only thing that makes me feel better. Anyway...yay for you guys!!!

  4. great news!! Especially the 2nd post. We are excited for you!!

  5. YAY!! and CONGRATS! A move AND a BABY!!! WOO--hoo!!! Sorry for the sickness, but so glad Ben is taking good care of you. Will keep you in our hearts and prayers!! ~Rachael

  6. YAY! Congratulations! Oh...babies are so awesome.

    And there's nothing to beat them for comedic value, either.

    Good luck...the sick will get better. But the tired? Well, you're about to be tired for the next 20 years or so, but you get used to it! :)

  7. we are so happy for you guys!

  8. Adam and I are so happy for you two!!!! :) Cannot stop smiling since I found out about it. haha

  9. Congrats Susannah! We are sooo excited for you two!! :)


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