Monday, June 13, 2011

Time for the breathing exercises.

My sister needs the closet space previously reserved for me in our Mom's house.
I cleaned out my stuff (grudgingly... I admit) and found a super-cute red animal print skirt from Express I'd loved as a teenager.
I get back home, wash it, and try it on to see if it still fits.
I lift my shirt to see the waistline in the mirror.
My waistline is thicker.
I have a baby bump.


This is happening so fast! I'm only 14 weeks, and still find it hard to believe i'm even pregnant. Everyone warned me about the mood swings, nausea, and fatigue... but no one mentions the psychological roller coaster! This all still feels unbelievable.  And my body is already changing?! When did this happen? 

I need to keep reminding myself that this is normal and healthy.... I'm having a baby... normal and healthy... I'm having a baby... 

I think I'd rather just skip to the I-swallowed-a-basketball stage. 

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  1. Yeah, my husband calls it the "She looks like she just ate a sandwich" stage. Charming, no?

    It's so worth it, though. It's hard. And scary. And exhausting. But it's SO worth it.


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