Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I debated if I should post this or not, being generally against blatant negativity, but I figured a lot of you are in the process of moving or have already moved and could either give me advice or know you aren't alone.

So here it goes.

Moving to Greensboro went pretty well on Saturday.  We stayed almost completely on schedule (hard to imagine since we had about 1/2 hour to accomplish each task), and were so grateful to have had 8 men from Hickory ward and 4 from Greensboro available to help us.  Thank you!


Unfortunately, it has been crazy since we got here.  For weeks we were living in a "construction zone" in Hickory of packing and repainting, etc, and now it's the same here.  It's hard to feel comfortable when you've been surrounded by boxes for weeks on end.  We are living in a two-story place now, and had to spend a lot of time moving furniture and boxes in and out of the right rooms and floors.  Every time I tried to unpack a certain room, I would get distracted with just trying to find something and end up moving a little something into each room, instead. Then I try to re-arrange it because Ben and I can't agree on what we like in the house. It's the slow way to move in, but I bet one day I'll just open my eyes and it will all feel magically done.

For right now we don't even have internet or cable, so there is nothing for me to do all day but try to unpack.  Ben checks my e-mail and lets me know if I miss something important, but, seriously, I can't even watch a show or check blogs to feel more comfortable?!?!?!


It's hard to escape the house, too.  This city is huge and I don't know where anything is, and Wendy, my GPS, has a hard time finding my location when I miss a turn.  It makes me want to tear my hair out! In Hickory the neighborhood streets were complete misery to figure out, but at least the main roads with all the stores, etc, were easy and accessible.  Almost everything I needed was within 1.5 miles of our house!


We went to church on Sunday, and I was really nervous and excited to try and make new friends.  I'd never been worried about that in previous moves, but I was surprised at what great friends I had in Hickory and how much I loved their support and friendship (especially during the pregnancy) that I'm really eager to find that again.  A few women introduced themselves, but no one was very forthcoming with me.  My first Sunday in Hickory I offered to help volunteer for a project they were working on, and was invited to a play date to meet other women within my first week.  It was so easy to jump in and meet people.  Here....? Nothing.  Yet.


I am extremely confident that all will work out... eventually... because the Lord really helped us move here.  So there must be a reason.  But right now? I just feel stuck.  I feel so out of place and away from home.  I miss Hickory.  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but I have never felt this homesick before!

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  1. Aw. It will get better. Time works miracles in that sense. In the meantime, keep an eye out at church for Gina Tucker. She's awesome and her family is something of a dynasty in Greensboro. But you'll really like her, she's creative and kind and you can carry on an intelligent conversation with her. Be patient...it will all be ok.


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