Friday, June 24, 2011

A Moving Poem

Moving Day

It’s packing, sorting, selling time
Our house has become a zoo
What goes where, what to keep...?
My mind is full of things to do!

Time to fix the paint and clean the fridge,
Take vinyl off the walls.
But do it all on tiptoe
So the packed box tower doesn’t fall!

You may think this sounds easy
It’s only 3 bedrooms, after all.
But all I want to do is SLEEP,
Eat junk food, whine, and bawl

Because my husband’s hurt both shoulders,
He can hardly lift a thing,
And if you think that that’s bad luck
Meet my pregnant, growing belly.

But there’s a light through darkness
This move is not in vain.
Our house right now is dangerous
And we hate our neighbor, Mr. Sain.

Plus, Ben’s transferring to Greensboro
And the Lord confirmed the change.
He helped us find a townhouse fast
And all our business to arrange.

But we’ll really miss this small town,
The parks and streets that we've bragged of,
And especially the people
Whom we’ve come to know and love.

Thanks for all your friendship,
Your support, and understanding.
Without your help before and now
Who knows where we’d be standing!

For now our growing family moves
But all friends and memories stay
In our minds, forevermore
We’ll meet again one day.

So wish us luck, that’s what we’ll need
In the days and weeks to come
To move in well and find new friends


  1. Picture didn't show up :-(

    Love the poem! So so so glad that the move is behind you and you are getting settled in your new townhouse. I wish I could come see it and bring you a housewarming present! I hope you love it.

  2. I am IMPRESSED! You can move AND write poetry about it! That's some mad skillz. I can't even READ and move at the same time!

    Good luck! It will be ok.


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